Alchemy cover

Fall 2017—Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts—order here


To order RUST FISH, go to Lost Horse Press, Amazon,  or tell your favorite bookstore to order some copies.


Maya’s second collection–a chapbook, YESTERDAY, THE BEES,  available from Floating Bridge Press.

Recently available online:

fiction in Necessary Fiction: “Sixteen Bios . . . “

fiction in Queen Mob’s Tea House: “The Surgery”

fiction in Menacing Hedge: “Field Trip”

fiction in Booth Journal: “A Few Nondescript Adventures of Some Consequence”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry: “Spell Begging to Be Your Gerry Lindgren/ Spell Lying Down on the Job”

Willow Springs“The Pleasure of Ruin”

Underblong, “little spell for kestrel hovering/ for x-ray & mothering”

What Rough Beast.: “Spell for Conjuring Order: Pleuronectiformes,”

“Tori Amos Nursing the Pig,” in The Shallow Ends

“Will You Tape a Big Zero to My Shirt?“, in Sidereal

“A Small Replica of History,” in Matter Monthly

hybrid nonfiction in Passages North: “Lower Columbia Watershed Haibun”

RISE UP REVIEW: “It Turns Out a Broken Heart”

RADAR POETRY: “This Aurora Has a Crack and is Beginning to Take on Water”

“There Are Two Kinds of People in this World”

“Not My Boat”

“The Waiting”

“For Danelle, on the Curving Back Roads of Wahkiakum County, at the Unblemished Age of Sixteen” (Thanks to Radar for nominating this poem for a Pushcart Prize)


Booth Journal: “A Few Nondescript Adventures of Some Consequence”

Selected Essays:

“He Worked As an Electrician. He Enjoyed Television. (His Obituary Was Plain.)”, essay, Bellingham Review, Issue 71, November 2015

Brevity Magazine, January 2017: “American Professionals”

Construction Magazine, January 2017: “Dear America: An Elegy in November”

Empty Mirror Review:All Night you Dream of Ice and in the Morning Wake to a Skiff of Snow”

“Questions for the Immigrant’s Daughter,” and “After the Birth of My Daughter, I Try to Imagine My Father as a Child,” flash nonfiction, High Desert Journal, Fall 2015

“On Libraries and Vans,” blog post in Erin Pringle-Toungate’s Summer Library Series, 2015

Selected Poems:

All We Can Hold: Poems of Motherhood: “Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”

Bellingham Review: “A New Kind of Romance” and “I Set My Alarm for 2:52, But They Had the Time Wrong for Us Out Here in the West”

The Compass: “In Art Therapy, They Have Us Sketch Legs”

Dogwood: “Playing Scrabble with Steve and Crystal”

Ecotone: “Socioeconomic”

Florida Review: “Astoria”


High Desert Journal: “Ways to Prevent Adultery, Numbers One Through Six,” “Ways to Prevent Adultery, Numbers Seven Through Nine,” and “Ways to Prevent Adultery, Number Ten”

INK Node:“Craigslist” (first appeared in New Ohio Review) and “When They Scanned My Brain for Love” (first appeared in Lilac City Fairy Tales)

The James Franco Review:“Biological Half-Lives”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry: “Spell Begging to Be Your Gerry Lindgren/ Spell Lying Down on the Job”

Juked: “Still Life with Maternal Instincts”

Kahini: “How She Comes to Understand Her Baptism”

Lost Horse Press (from RUST FISH): “The Rust Fish”

Montana Public Radio: “Goddammit” (first appeared in Rust Fish)

New Ohio Review: “Facing” and “The Woman Who Didn’t Know How” (audio file)

Pank: “Before the River Freezes,” “Hot Streak, Mid-May,” and “Falling”

“The Woman Who Bought Our Place By the Ocean Burned it Down,” “She Dreams of Being an Arist,” and “Beetle Summer”

Prism Review: “Nymphomaniac Dreams of Hell”

Pontoon Poetry: “In those Early Days, the Woman Who Was a Mermaid Dreams of Loneliness”

Rattle: “Why We Can’t Use Roundup On Our Lawn”


“My Grandmother’s Cow”


Raven Chronicles: “Migration”

RISE UP REVIEW: “It Turns Out a Broken Heart”

Southern Humanities Review: “What She Sees Above Us”

Spoon River Poetry Review: “The Filling”

Squalorly: “Under the Cathedral Tree” and “Trains”

Tahoma Literary Review: “The Oriole Outside My Window Reminds Me” (audio file)

The Far Field (blog of WA State Poet Laureate Kathleen Flenniken): “Honesty” (this poem first appeared in Rattle)

Waywiser Press: “A Mother’s Story” and “Marsupial”

West Branch: “Something Like Singing in the Rain”

Willow Springs: “The Pleasure of Ruin”


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