Forthcoming Fall 2023: out takes/ glove box, winner of the 2022 New American Poetry Prize, selected by Eduardo Corral! 

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Evergreen: Grim Tales & Verses From the Gloomy Northwest. Eds. Sharma Shields & Maya Jewell Zeller. Scablands Books, 2021.

From a Review:

Evergreen celebrates that complexity, embracing the variety of the region’s particular landscapes, but also the intricacies of life itself, despair and wonder and the way the two are fundamentally intertwined — darkness as a source of both terror and magic. 


Listen to an interview with The Write Question here.

Learn more here.


Alchemy cover


Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts charts a course into magical waters, anchoring itself in the frightening politicization of a woman’s body. The chemistry of this conversation between Spokane Poet, Maya Jewell Zeller, and Seattle artist, Carrie DeBacker, includes pomegranates for human heads, bones that can walk, and a ship sprung from a person’s back, “floating farther from shore.” The speaker in these incantations, behind these urgent watercolors, muses on the philosophies of geologic time, climate change, human genomes, and existential destruction. This book sets out to discover meaning in this terrible, beautiful time  —  and suggests wonder is where we’ll find it: “the diagnosis is strong / for the wild & wind mills.”

-Entre Rios Books, Seattle

Listen to Maya read excerpts here.

Order here.


To order RUST FISH, Maya’s first book–which offers an intimate coming-of-age narrative set in rural poverty–visit Lost Horse Press, Amazon, or tell your favorite bookstore to order some copies.



YESTERDAY, THE BEES, a chapbook navigating early motherhood, postpartum depression, and complicated family lineage during an era of extreme climate change and global distress, is  available from Floating Bridge Press.

Maya is currently seeking publishers for several other collections, among them her hybrid/speculative fiction novella-in-vignettes, “A Few Nondescript Adventures of Some Consequence,” her memoir-in-progress, “Raised by Ferns,” and her full-length poetry collections, “Tori Amos Nursing the Pig,” and ” /out takes/ glove box/ .” 

An academic text, “Advanced Poetry: Pathways Into Poetic Lineages,” co-authored by Maya and Kathryn Nuernberger, is forthcoming from Bloomsbury Academic (UK). 


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